Who Can Certify Identification Documents Uk

Copies of the documents can be certified by one of the following: we will then send you all your documents, the form and proof of payment. Use our branch search tool to find the nearest post office where you can have documents certified. Provide one of the following documents and make sure it is a certified copy and the date (not the original, i.e. an expiration date of less than 3 months). Then ask the certifier you choose to write this on the document they certify: take the photocopied document and the original and ask the person to certify the copy by: I am a UK client. What can I present for id and proof of address? I am an EU client applying outside the UK. How do I certify my documents? We ask you to send us certified documents when you open an account with us for the first time and we are unable to confirm your identity or address. Or if you want to access your SIPP (e.B. to get tax-free money) and we need to verify your age. If you need to certify a translation of a document that is not written in English or Welsh, ask the translation company to confirm the translation in writing: a certified true copy is a copy of a document signed by an authorized person who has seen the original document and can guarantee that the copy has been made accurately and honestly.

Photocopies of documents sent by email cannot be certified as actual copies because the certifier has not compared them to the original document. In addition, each document must be individually stamped, signed and dated by the auditor. Your documents may be reviewed by someone in one of the following professions as long as they are not a family member, live at the same address, or have a relationship with you. You also cannot be an intern in your profession. Ask one of the possible certifiers listed below to write the appropriate statement on each of the documents they review if one of the documents is more than one page long, ask the certifier to write the statement on the first page and sign each subsequent page. We can only accept the following certifiers, they must be registered, active and based in the EU; Financial institutions, lawyers, lawyers and notaries. Then ask the certifier you choose to write this on the document he certifies: finally, you must send us the certified documents with the stamped envelope provided by us. Please follow these steps only if our Backup team has asked you to do so. If you are not sure if you want to submit your documents, please contact us.

First, you should ask a professional from the following list to certify your documents: “I confirm that this is a true reflection of a person`s name and that this document is certified as an actual copy of the original I saw.” “I confirm that this is a real copy of the original I saw.” We currently certify most forms of documents, including: Check with the organization that needs the certified copy – they may have specific rules for who can certify a document. The person who certifies the document may charge you a fee. An authorized person may sign copies of your documents to confirm that the copy is accurate and honest, provide any of the following documents, and ensure that it is up-to-date and certified. Once your documents have been certified, please complete the return form and print it (PDF, 50 KB). Then send it with your certified documents to: If you take it into account, who can certify a copy document? If you can certify a police officer in the UK, your bank manager, doctor, local council, etc. can do the same, why would you pay a lawyer when others do it for half the price or even for free, as was the case with us. Schedule 2 states that chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, physicians, nurses, optometrists, patent attorneys, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists, trademark attorneys and veterinarians may certify copies. If you are applying for something like a bank account or mortgage, you may be asked to provide certified documents such as actual copies of the original. The person certifying your document must write the following on the copy of the document: Official Union Assessor or Warrant Officers Auctioneers Chief Petty Officer Person with Distinction (e.B.

OBE or MBE) Member of the Incorporated Company Next, ask your chosen certifier to write this on the document they certify: please scan the certified documents and email them to [email protected], or mail them to: If you send us copies of documents as part of a pilot license application, these may be certified by one of the following authorized persons: If you have been asked to share photocopies of documents with someone, our document certification service will certify for a fee and confirm that it is a “true similarity” to the original. It`s important. As mentioned below, there are several variants, depending on the specific reasons for certifying a document. For example, Swiss Post offers a document verification service for passports, driver`s licenses, current utility bills and bank statements, but notes that customers are advised to ensure that this service is acceptable to the intended recipient. Copy the documents you have been asked to provide. Make sure the copies are clear and easy to read. I am a British client.. .

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