What Is Authorship Change Form

All authors contributed to the design and design of the study. Material preparation, data collection and analysis were performed by [full name], [full name] and [full name]. The first draft of the manuscript was written by [full name] and all authors commented on earlier versions of the manuscript. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript. In the event of a dispute between authors during peer review or after acceptance and publication, the journal is not in a position to research or decide. The authors are invited to settle the dispute themselves. If they are unable to do so, the journal reserves the right to remove a manuscript from the editorial process or, in the case of published work, to raise the issue with the author`s institution or institutions and to abide by its guidelines. Application of statistical, mathematical, computer or other formal techniques for the analysis or synthesis of study data. All authors are invited to include information on funding sources, financial or non-financial interests, study-specific approval by the ethics committee competent for research involving humans and/or animals, informed consent if human participants participated in the research, and an animal welfare statement if the research involved animals (if required). Springer journals encourage collaboration with colleagues in locations where research is conducted and expect them to be included as co-authors if they meet all of the authorship criteria described above. Contributors who do not meet all the authorship criteria should be listed in the Acknowledgements section. Authors must keep confidential all communications with the journal, including correspondence with direct representatives of the journal, such as editors and/or editors` and/or publishers` and reviewers` editorial reports, unless explicit consent to the sharing of information has been obtained.

Whether or not to include such information depends not only on the scope of the journal, but also on the scope of the article. Works submitted for publication may have an impact on public health or the public interest and, in such cases, it is the responsibility of all authors to attach relevant disclosures and statements. Perform a research and investigation process, especially conducting experiments, or collect data/evidence. The addition and/or removal of authors in the revision phase is generally not allowed, but may be justified in some cases. The reasons for these changes in paternity need to be explained. Approval of the change during the review is at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. Please note that journals may have individual guidelines for adding and/or removing authors during the revision phase. ideas; Formulation or further development of global research goals and objectives. For review articles where discrete statements are less applicable, a statement should be included indicating who came up with the idea for the article, who did the literature analysis and data analysis, and who designed and/or critically revised the work. The publisher does not prescribe the types of contributions that justify authorship.

Authors are advised to adhere to the authorship guidelines applicable in their specific field of research. In the absence of specific guidelines, it is recommended to adhere to the following guidelines a, b: Authors are strongly advised to ensure the right group of authors, the corresponding author and the order of the authors at the time of submission. Changes in authorship due to the addition or deletion of authors and/or changes made by the corresponding author and/or changes in the order of authors will not be accepted after acceptance of a manuscript. These guidelines outline the principles of creation and good authoring practices that budding authors should adhere to. c. A Graduate Student`s Guide to Determining Authorship Credit and Authorship Order, APA Science Student Council 2006, An author who has changed his or her name for reasons such as gender change or religious conversion may request that his or her name, pronouns, and other relevant biographical information be corrected in articles published prior to the change. The author can choose whether this correction is tacit, in which case there will be no note indicating the change on the PDF or HTML code of the article, or he can do so through an official correction from the public author. The main affiliation of each author should be the institution where most of their work has been done. If an author moved later, the current address can also be specified. Addresses will not be updated or changed after the publication of the article. For articles based primarily on the student`s thesis or dissertation, it is recommended that the student be generally listed as the lead author c.

programming, software development; design of computer programs; Implementation of computer code and support algorithms; Test existing code components. An author is designated as the corresponding author and acts on behalf of all co-authors and ensures that issues related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are adequately addressed, whether as part of the activity or separately, the overall replication/reproducibility of results/experiments and other research results. Supply of study equipment, reagents, equipment, patients, laboratory samples, animals, instruments, computer resources or other analytical tools. Please ensure that the names of all authors are present and spelled correctly and that addresses and affiliations are up to date. One. ICMJE, Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors, All authors are encouraged to ensure that all data and documents, as well as software applications or custom code, support their published claims and comply with field standards. Please note that journals may have individual guidelines for (sharing) research data in accordance with disciplinary standards and expectations. Please refer to the instructions for authors of the journal to which you are submitting for specific instructions. Responsibility for supervision and leadership in the planning and conduct of the research activity, including mentoring outside the core team.

Preparation, preparation and/or presentation of published works by individuals in the original research group, in particular a critical review, commentary or revision – including the pre- or post-publication phases. In cases where a co-author dies or is unable to work during the writing, submission or peer review process and the co-authors deem it appropriate to involve the author, co-authors must seek the consent of a (legal) representative who could be a direct relative. Please read the instructions for the authors of the journal to which you are submitting for specific instructions on contribution statements. The corresponding author is responsible for the following requirements: Responsibility for the management and coordination of the planning and implementation of the research activity. . . .

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