Tenancy Services Bond Refund Forms

Deposit refund requests will be made to the RTA using the rental deposit refund. Refund form for additional tenants (you must fill it out if there are more than 2 tenants) The same people who signed the deposit form must sign the deposit refund form at the end of the rental. If the signatures on these forms do not match, there will be delays in refunding the deposit. This form must be completed when the lease is terminated. The LRA cannot accept this form before the expiry date of the relevant termination – notice (Form 12), notice of intent to go (Form 13) or notice of termination (Form 15). A refund will also be made in accordance with a court order, such as . B an order from the rental court. If the landlord or tenant does not accept payment of the deposit, we will inform both parties that there is a problem. The deposit will be refunded if we: At the end of the rental, the tenant and the owner must inspect the property together. If the inspection shows that everything is in order, fill out the deposit refund form and send it to rental services for processing. If you wish, you can also transfer the bond to a new rental. Deposit refunds are usually processed within ten business days. The deposit refund form without the other party`s signature can still be sent to Rental Services by emailing it to [email protected]

In the event of a dispute, it is best to seek a mediator to help him reach an agreement. If this does not work, either party can ask the rental court to claim a portion of the bond. If there is unpaid rent or other unpaid costs, the tenant and landlord can agree to share the bond. Part of the deposit will be refunded to the landlord to cover his expenses, and the rest will be refunded to the tenant. The deposit refund form must be completed to reflect this. The fastest way to get bond money is when there is an agreement on how the bond should be paid. A landlord can only submit a form that the tenant has not signed within 2 months of the end of the lease. After that, they must go to the rental court to claim part of the bond, or they will have to ask the tenant to sign a refund form. If the tenant and landlord agree on how the bond should be divided, they must complete a deposit refund form.

Once everyone has signed the form, it must be emailed to [email protected] At the end of the tenancy, landlords and tenants must complete a deposit refund form, regardless of whether the deposit is returned to the tenants in whole or in part. If they do not reach an agreement, the bond will be called into question. It will only be refunded upon receipt of a completed deposit refund form or by order of a mediator or by order of the rental court. If a bond loan is still outstanding, the balance of the loan is deducted from the amount of the tenant`s repayment and paid directly to the Ministry of Housing and Public Works. Self-resolution means solving problems by talking to the other person. This can lead to a less stressful and more positive working relationship in renting. The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 does not specify how quickly a landlord and tenant must complete and submit a deposit refund form at the end of a tenancy. If the tenant or landlord can`t or won`t sign the deposit refund form, fill out the form anyway and send it to us. We will try to contact the person who has not signed to check if they agree with the refund. At the end of a tenancy, the tenant can transfer the bond to a new tenancy instead of receiving a refund.

Refunds will be made by crediting directly to the bank account numbers you provide on the deposit refund form. Refunds will only be made to a New Zealand bank account. If the tenants and the landlord do not agree on how the bond should be divided, each party can complete a deposit refund form. It usually takes about 15 business days to refund a deposit when a completed form is received. Only original and signed forms must be submitted to the CAB. E-mail or photocopied forms are not accepted. If the tenant and the landlord cannot agree on the refund of the deposit, one (or both) can go to the rental court to settle it. If a tenant leaves a group (but the rest remains), you must send us a form to change tenants if the departing tenant contributed to the bond. If the tenant or landlord is deceased, the executor designated by the tenant or landlord must sign the deposit refund form. If there is no will or estate, the claim must be claimed by a court-appointed administrator.

To release the deposit, we must see the following documents: you must complete, sign and submit the deposit refund form. The deposit will not be given to tenants unless all named tenants and the landlord sign this form. If you have more than two tenants, an additional tenant refund form must also be completed If you have any doubts about the bond repayment process, if you want to check what can be claimed or if you need help with rent-related issues, call rental services directly on 0800 TENANCY (0800 836 262). Once such a form has been received, the rental services will contact the other party to obtain their consent to the payment of the deposit. If the other party accepts the amounts requested, proceed with the refund. Section 31 of the Act states that at the end of the tenancy, the rent must be allocated accordingly and any overpayment of the rent must be paid immediately to the tenant. Any person who knowingly provides false or misleading information on the refund form commits a criminal offence under Queensland law. If the bond remains unclaimed for 6 years after the end of the lease, the bond becomes the property of the Crown. The rental court can help if you have a problem with a tenant or landlord that you can`t solve yourself. The Tribunal will hear both parties to the argument and may make a legally binding order. . Refunds will only be transferred to Australian bank accounts (no cheques).

The landlord or tenant can send the completed and signed form to Rental Services. The landlord or tenant can send the form to Rental Services once it has been completed and signed by all tenants and the landlord. All relevant fields must be completed to avoid processing delays. The tenant must indicate his forwarding address on the form. When the landlord and tenant are ready, they can ask for a mediator to help them come to an agreement. If you do not wish to appoint a mediator or if mediation does not work, you must attend a hearing before the rental court. .

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