Plus Fitness Membership Agreement

6.9 Pandemic Clause: Due to the severe financial impact of lockdowns imposed 20/21 on 24/7 Fitness, we cannot renew, freeze or refund full subscriptions paid during state lockdowns from 17 May 2021. Any member who purchases a highly discounted Full-Fledged Paid subscription acknowledges that they are taking this risk when choosing this membership option. 100% CASH BACK REQUIREMENTS1. Offer valid only for participating clubs.2. Offer valid only for annual subscriptions (12 months).3. The offer is only valid for new members.4. The offer offers a member the opportunity to recover the cost of their membership in the form of cash back if they complete 250 workouts on different days in the first 12 months after joining Plus Fitness.5. The balance (cash back) will be credited to the member`s Plus Fitness member`s account, which can then be used to purchase an additional annual membership in the respective Fitness Plus branch.6. In order for the member to take advantage of this offer, he must practice for 250 days in the Plus Fitness club (home) in which he has purchased a subscription within the first 12 months of joining Plus Fitness. -Scan their personal access card each time they enter and leave the club.-Spend at least 30 minutes at the gym to qualify for the visit.-Multiple registrations in a day are counted as individual only.

-There should be at least 12 hours interval between two entries – Must have paid Rs 3000/ – extra in addition to their membership for this offer. -Must have proof of invoice valid during the renewal period.- Must pay rs 1500 /- as an administrative/registration fee during the time of exchange.7. In addition, Fitness has systems to monitor attendance and time spent each time they visit the gym.8. This offer is void or cancelled if membership is transferred to another person. 9. Members may not scan another member`s card; Each member must use their own card to access the gym. 10. Any fraudulent activity will result in the cancellation of the cash back offer for that member. 11.

Eligible members must redeem their offer within 30 days of the end date of their membership.12. The offer is subject to modifications or modifications and any such changes will be posted on the Plus Fitness India website. We reserve the right not to execute and cancel membership orders: t) “Home Club” – Refers to the club specified in the calendar, if your membership is transferred in accordance with point 9 (c), your new club will be called your new “Home Club”. From time to time and in its sole discretion, 24/7 Fitness may offer an “auto-renew” subscription option for any of its membership plans. These terms and conditions apply if a subscription is agreed at the point of sale. – A gym membership of $30.00 p.f., seems like a bargain – A $30.00 p.f. gym membership with a late payment fee of $15.00, unfortunately not. Even better. – A payment of $30.00 for gym membership will be paid “twice late” during the payment period, with a fee of $45.00 for late payments 6.1 All members are required to pay all annual or monthly membership fees, regardless of the actual use of the center`s facilities.

2.2 The acceptance of an application for membership of the Centre constitutes a legally binding agreement between the Member and the Centre. The Center reserves the right to transfer the Agreement, all or part of its rights and obligations under this Agreement to another organization or to terminate the Membership Agreement. The member hereby agrees to also be bound by the club rules, a copy of which may be provided upon request at the reception. Notice of termination from month to month may also be given in writing or by e-mail directly to Debit Finance Collections PLC. This notification must be received at least 10 days before the due date of the next levy in order to be effective by the end of that month. Receipt after 10 days before the next direct debit will result in the termination of the membership at the end of the following month. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP1. I agree to abide by the rules of conduct, the dress code, the use of equipment and the use of the services displayed in this gym and provided to me. 2. I agree that the membership fee is non-refundable and I accept and understand that the non-use of the gym does not allow the premature termination of this agreement and does not justify any refund of any kind. I also agree to understand that failure to use the gym will not affect the payment terms of this Agreement and that Plus Fitness is in no way responsible for my level of use of the gym and I understand that it is not the responsibility of plus fitness to inform me of my non-use.

3. I understand that I can put my membership on an hourly hold with an additional fee of Rs 1,500/- I understand that the time hold is for a minimum period of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months for standard annual memberships each year and that each year starts on the anniversary of the membership date indicated on this form. Requests for temporary on hold must be made in person at the member`s home club by completing a “Fitness Time Suspension Plus Form”.4. If you wish, I will transfer the membership to another person who meets the minimum membership period set out in this Agreement with an additional fee of Rs 2500.5. Plus Fitness may, in its sole discretion, suspend access to a Plus Fitness gym or terminate a membership agreement without notice for failure to comply with this Agreement or any conduct or action it deems inappropriate. 6. Facilities and services without notice. Such changes will not affect the terms of my membership agreement. 7. I understand that members are not allowed to take children to the gym, nor to leave children unattended in the gym at all times, and that plus fitness assumes no responsibility for children who are purchased in the gym or left in the gym by a parent or guardian.. .

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