Legal Drafting Courses in Nigeria

This course is suitable for an in-house lawyer and a legal advisor who wishes to learn the basics of dispute resolution. Subscribe to The Write House now and receive articles about our books, courses, events, special offers and much more! The school offers a professional certification in law firm management. It is the term used to describe the many day-to-day tasks, planning and management practices necessary to operate an effective and modern legal practice. This course is suitable for those who are interested in a career that involves leading law firms. NIALS Anthem Ever Questioning, Pret Bitcoin, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies! Vision foretold by the Founding Fathers, ideas nourished by patriotic zeal, exhort us to make a difference and to be at the heart of legal studies, with passion and hope fulfills our mandate and be the best we can be; A world-class institution, the legal seat of Nigeria! A stimulating conference. This conference brings out new advocates for the future of advocacy in Nigeria. This interactive course is designed to provide young lawyers with the essential skills to write clear and concise business communication and draft effective contracts. Participants will learn powerful techniques to make legal writing clearer and more persuasive, to communicate effectively and to achieve a good result for their businesses or firms. This course covers the function and operation of documents, the phases of preparation of contractual documents and the structuring of contractual documents. The different requirements for legal letters and documents are discussed, emphasizing the general rule of being easy to understand for both lawyers and non-lawyers. I suggest you read this article which covers advanced and professional courses for law and lawyer graduates in Nigeria.

The institutes that offer these courses and admission requirements have all been supported by Noonan Law 423 E Main St #A, Endicott, NY 13760 (607) 953-6368. Advice on legal issues related to the complaint, discipline and termination processes Advice Understand your strategic and operational role as Head of the Legal Department and your client emplo Alex is a lawyer and notary with nearly 24 years of post-call experience. He is managing partner of A. Muoka & Co., a law firm specializing in trade and litigation based in Lagos. He is the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association of Lagos – in this capacity, he led the largest branch of the NBA with over 3,000 successful business/commercial lawyers and prominent lawyers. He is a Director of the Lagos Public Interest Law Partnership, a member of the Public Complaints and Training Committee of the Lagos State Judiciary and a member of the National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association. Learn more. Training and retraining your team in clear legal drafting is the surest way to keep them up to date with global best practices.

The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is Nigeria`s leading institution for research and advanced studies in law. It is an idea of the legal academic community that was founded in March 1979. One of the most important ideas of Taxi Gatwick in London when the institute was founded was to use it as a centre for advanced legal research for all Nigerian universities with … Provide more information on the various laws of business and business so that participants are able to interpret candidates for admission to the M.Phil/Ph.D. The degree programs must not only meet the requirements of the PID program, but also possess the following: Evaluation of alternative methods to resolve commercial disputes Distinction between forms of ADR This course will provide a foundation in the key areas where construction law advice is commonly given on behalf of Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors and my fellow scholars, I would like to express our deep gratitude to The Write House for creating this evocative and academically stimulating workshop. Sola attended the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, where he earned an LLB Hons. in 2004. He was admitted to the Nigerian Bar Association in 2005 and is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association.

He is also an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration in the United Kingdom. After years in a world-class litigation firm, “Sola has gained extensive experience in corporate commercial law spanning multiple industries, including banking, real estate and insurance. Learn more. Legal advice and training are our contributions to the professional development of lawyers and non-lawyers. We have trained delegates from some of Nigeria`s largest companies, law firms and public authorities. Our alumni continue to grow. This includes the functional aspects of managing law firms such as: The workshop is suitable for company secretaries, law firm managers and legal advisors of companies from various sectors such as banks and other financial institutions, NGOs, government organizations, etc. Be able to get better results from contracts Update your contract management technology.

This course is an introduction to the management of law firms both as a business and as a profession and to the realities of legal practice. Practical and concrete training is essential to the success of any career. Work as a lawyer in the advertisement Familiarize participants with the duties of business leaders Examine how boards of directors Graduate Diploma in Legislative Writing (PGDLD) Program Content First Semester – Perspectives on Legislative Design – The Drafting Process – Legislative Style. more [Write House] The training is very educational and very rich. In fact, it will increase my productivity in writing judgments. This seminar focuses on learning by doing. Participants will convert specific legislative proposals into this Legal Administrator course, which provides a guide and efficiency in legal administration This course introduces delegates to the tax implications of acquiring, holding and selling property. The course will be beneficial for young litigators. Understanding the language associated with finance Knowing how and when to use financial terms and a This program provides a comprehensive practical briefing on the topics and details of an effective Cont This four-day personal development workshop is specifically designed for international lawyers Defining the elements of civil and criminal fraud Recognizing the constitutional right of the employee The Center for Law and Business Law offers a certification that prepares people to become a business leader, a business lawyer, an employment lawyer and a general manager. If you receive a speeding ticket or are charged with another traffic violation, you can dismiss it and think nothing about it, but you should seriously consider it. All traffic offences have consequences, even a simple ticket. Without the help of a lawyer, you`ll be left alone in front of orange County`s court system, which is known to aggressively pursue criminal charges.

Many tickets and other traffic violations are issued by police officers, even if the case is not solid. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer who can develop a solid defense strategy. Visit for the best orange avocado in ground transportation. Protection from abuse in Pennsylvania is regulated by the Pennsylvania Protection From Abuse Act, which is found in 23 PA. S.C.A §§ 6101-6118. Upon evidence of abuse, a PFA can be obtained against any family member, anyone who shares biological parenting, current or past sexual or intimate partners. Visit the homepage to learn more about the criminal defense attorney. A PFA can be registered for up to three years with various types of consequences for the perpetrator, such as.B. prohibited contact with the victim, including the place of work, place of residence, place of worship or any other place where the victim is found. .

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