Isda 2002 Master Agreement Schedule

Certified true copies (a) of the articles and articles of association of the Part B investor; (b) the Part B limited liability partnership agreement, (c) the investment management agreement between Part B and the administrator, and (d) the investment advisory and management services agreement of 20 December 2013 between the Part B investor and the investment adviser. No applicable law as modified by the practice of a competent state tax authority of a relevant jurisdiction shall be required to make a deduction or withholding for or on the basis of a tax on a payment (other than interest under Section 9(h) of this Agreement) to be made by it to the other party under this Agreement. Section 4(a)(i) or 4(a)(iii) of this Agreement. Performance of the other party`s agreement contained in Section 4(d) of this Agreement, except that this does not constitute a breach of that statement based on clause (ii) above and the other party does not provide a form or document as defined in Section 4(a)(iii) due to a material alteration of its legal or business position. “(vi) the relations between the parties. Each party is deemed to have entered into a transaction with the other party on the date on which it enters into a transaction (unless there is a written agreement between the parties expressly imposing positive obligations that expressly imposes obligations to the contrary for that transaction): “(f) notification obligations. The Parties agree that the definitions and provisions of Annexes 1 to 16 and Section 6 of the Protocol to the 2002 Framework Agreement published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. on July 15, 2003 shall be incorporated into and apply to this Agreement. Click here for a copy of the 2002 ISDA Framework Agreement.

(9) An investor in Part B or Part B shall dissolve or liquidate. (c) offices. The provisions of Article 10(a) shall apply to this Agreement. (ii) in respect of Part B, the lesser amount of $10,000,000 and 2% of the net asset value of the Investor in Part B; (8) Party B assumes, assumes or otherwise becomes liable in respect of a particular debt (other than a specified debt resulting from a transaction under this Agreement). (1) No trust. He is acting on his own behalf and has made his own independent decisions to complete this transaction and decide whether this transaction is appropriate or appropriate for it, based on its own judgment and the advice of the advisors it has deemed necessary. It does not rely on any communication (written or oral) from the other party as investment advice or recommendation to close this transaction; It is understood that information and explanations relating to the terms of a transaction should not be construed as investment advice or recommendations to carry out the transaction. It has not received any representation or warranty from the other party as to the expected results of this transaction. Upon performance and delivery of this Agreement and as soon as possible after any amendment, addition or other modification of this Agreement.

Part A is a multi-branch part and can make a transaction through one of the following offices: New York, London, Singapore and Sydney. (3) Status of the Contracting Parties. The other party is not acting as a trustee or advisor to the other party in connection with this transaction. Yes, it is possible. provided that in section 3 (d), the phrase “at the time of publication is true, accurate and complete in all material respects” is deleted and that in its place the phrase “represents, in all material respects, the financial position and results of operations at their respective dates and for the respective periods” is inserted. For the purposes of Article 5(a)(vi), the following applies: The following statements apply to Party A: (4) FS/KKR Advisor, LLC or any successor in title thereof (the “Manager”) will cease to be the manager of Party B or will no longer be authorized to enter into transactions under this Agreement on behalf of Party B and will not have been replaced by another person or entity; because Part A did not. have filed a written objection within 10 working days of notification, on a reasonable basis. . (11) The Party B investor is in breach of section 18 as amended by section 61 of the 1940 Act.

It is “exempted” within the meaning of Articles 1.6041-3(p) and 1.6049-4(c) of the Treasury Regulations from the declaration of information on Form 1099 and the withholding of safeguards. (b) the beneficiary`s declarations. For the purposes of Section 3(f) of this Agreement, Party A and Part B may make the following declarations: including the United States. Dollar equivalent on the day of a delay, delay event, or other condition or similar event of a specified obligation in another currency. (10) There will be a material change or deviation from a fundamental policy of the Party B Or Party B Investor relating to the performance of Party B`s obligations under this Agreement without the prior consent of Party A (consent shall not be unreasonably withheld). . (ii) with respect to Part B for the purposes of Sections 5(a)(v), 5(a)(vi), 5(a)(vii) and 5(b)(v) of this FS Investment Corporation III Agreement, a Maryland Corporation (the “Party B Investor”). (f) “Termination Currency” means U.S.

dollars. (d) Escrow Payments. If, due to the time difference between the cities in which payments are to be made, it is not possible to make simultaneous payments on a day on which both parties are required to make payments under this Agreement, either party may, in its sole discretion and discretion, inform the other party that payments are to be made in trust at that time. In this case, the deposit of the payment due earlier that day is .m before 14:00. (local time instead of previous payment) that day with a trust agent chosen by the terminating party, accompanied by irrevocable payment instructions, (i) to release the payment deposited with the intended recipient once the trust agent has received the required deposit of the corresponding payment from the other party on the same day, as well as the irrevocable payment orders for the same purposes, or (ii) if the required deposit of the corresponding payment will not be made on the same day to refund the deposited payment to the party who deposited it in the escrow service. . . .

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