How to Start a Successful Law Firm

If your competitors do, don`t. Stand out from a crowded market where so many marketing and products look the same. When I started, all the lawyers advertised in the Yellow Pages, radio commercials and billboards. They attracted customers from referrals and networks. I didn`t have the money or time to wait for customers, so I did what others refused. I decided to be the best lawyer on social media. I started a blog, a YouTube channel, and created the world`s largest Facebook community for lawyers. I engaged with clients, taught them about immigration, and distributed free content. What for? Because no other lawyer has done it. For many companies, the challenges that hinder growth – such as the cost of starting a law firm, the difficulties of attracting new clients, competing with other firms, and not having time to focus on the commercial side of things – can become so overwhelming that the law firm`s growth stagnates. If this sounds like your business, you`re not alone. A few weeks ago, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our law firm.

It was a wonderful event with over 100 of our friends and past clients. As I approached the stage to address the audience, I was overwhelmed by nostalgia. How did we create this incredible and productive community of lawyers, legal assistants, support staff and clients, all working together as one thriving unit? When focusing on how to grow a law firm, it`s important to be aligned with your clients` needs and new opportunities – and adapt accordingly. Most lawyers would proudly tell you that their entire firm is focused on their clients. While this is true in a sense – lawyers represent their clients and take care of their legal needs – this is not what we mean by client-centric services. There are a number of coaching programs (including ours, Lab) that you should consider when considering starting your business. When you start your law firm in the digital world, you need to work more efficiently and have better and more secure access to all the information you need. As you grow and progress to succeed, you know you`re not alone. We have a comprehensive library of 17 tools and templates to help you grow your business the way you do.

And you have access to our free Facebook community to network and chat with other forward-thinking lawyers for small law firms. Branding and developing your marketing strategy takes time, but is essential to the growth of your new law firm. Explore all the potential marketing opportunities for your business, and then commit to implementing the ones that work best based on your company`s overall goals. Tip: If you want to know how your business will perform, check out our Small Business Dashboard. Even if it is not required in your state (for example. B, it`s not mandatory in Massachusetts), he buys security. If you`ve just started your solo law firm, you don`t have much commitment yet, so the price for a year can be less than $1,500. You may also be able to spread payments over 12 months. You also need a system to attract people to your website.

Optimizing your law firm`s website for local search engine optimization (SEO) can lead to strong traffic growth. Here`s a five-step guide to get you started. An effective website makes it easier for customers to find you and connect with you online – giving them a more customer-centric experience from the start – as you can see from these best examples. A good law firm website should: The office comes next. We know lawyers who have left their homes with a desk, a computer and a few boxes. Anything that gets you started, do it. Don`t waste too much time finding the perfect office space before you start. You can very quickly get involved in buying furniture, technology and supplies – and soon find yourself drowning in trifles and overheads.

Another caveat: your marketing activities should only be that – strategic! Too many lawyers walk around doing things in the name of marketing without really understanding their costs or whether they are working. Similarly, these lawyers hear a colleague say they`re killing him on [enter your favorite social media here] – and then they burn out and start doing things with a plan or a real understanding of how this tool works. When thinking about how to develop a law firm, it is important to meet the needs of clients and potential clients. As described in the Legal Trends Report 2019, a test in which 1,000 law firms were contacted via email to check their responsiveness returned to gloomy results: 60% of law firms did not respond at all. To complete your business strategy, you can tick the box next to some of these concepts: starting a law firm may be the best decision you`ll ever make. In fact, it was for many of us! Unfortunately, most law schools are designed to teach you how to think like a lawyer and don`t spend much time teaching you how to start and run a business. Desktop management seems stifling, but it`s so important to be right at the beginning. Dive deeper into key areas to streamline your office management and set your business up for success. It is true that the creation of a law firm is not for hesitant hearts. The good news is that you don`t have to do it yourself – and you probably shouldn`t either. There`s a reason why gym beginners work with a personal trainer.

You could adopt the same mindset for business and business coaching. Become a business coach: Think not only about everyone being a PRS, but also about potential referrals in your existing and extensive networks. If you practice family law, talk to advisors. If you apply tax law, inform your accountant. If you are physically injured, contact this physiotherapist friend. However, if you are currently in a law firm, you should be wary of the rules when informing clients of your intention to start a solo practice. Start by following the case of Meehan v. Shaughnessy. (Don`t do it like Jerry Maguire and Bob Sugar did!) In today`s world, clients are changing the way they find lawyers, and while referrals will always be a source of new business, this is just the beginning.

We encourage lawyers to take a broader view and take advantage of the many opportunities that potential clients use to find help to solve their problems. In your office space, you will need a computer, a backup drive, a document scanner, a printer, and a phone. If you`re not sure which basic hardware is best for your solo or small business, check out our Legal Technology Buying Guide. Insiders can start with our law firm budget template. You are not everything to everyone. Decide on your niche, then reduce your goal and expand your attractiveness. I decided to focus on one area of law from the beginning: immigration law. I didn`t know everything about immigration, but what I did know was that I wanted to become the ultimate expert in a field – and be the best in that field.

I was tempted to take on other cases, but I stayed with only one case. I wanted to own this space. If you don`t focus, you`ll never succeed. When starting your own law firm, you should consider what the right workplace looks like for the way you work. It`s time to rethink your law firm from your client`s perspective. What would it be like to create a customer experience that shows that you care about your customers, that you understand who they are and what they need, and that you are the right person to take care of them? Building a business that focuses on your customer may require you: Your business must exist to serve you and enable you to achieve your personal vision and career goals. Our Labster, Megan, knew she wanted to travel with her family. And we mean real trips – where she was able to explore a new country for four weeks and where her practice didn`t collapse while she was away. To do this, their business plan focused on excellent support staff and clear systems that employees could follow in their absence. It worked: she could take a month-long European vacation while her business thrived at home. Companies that use technology are growing faster: According to the Legal Trends Report 2020, companies that use online credit card payments, customer portals, and customer onboarding solutions together generated more than 20 percent more revenue per lawyer each month — and up to 39 percent more in August — than companies that hadn`t adopted the technologies. The question of “how to build a law firm” is a common question, and it`s no wonder – running a law firm is difficult, and growing a law firm is even more difficult, especially today.

Prepare your new law firm for success with Clio`s guide to starting a law firm, backed by the ideas and advice of successful legal experts and founding partners. Being proactive in your relationships with clients is also essential when thinking about how to build a law firm. This way, your customers are there for you when you need them. Without the right people to rely on, growing a law firm is an uphill battle. Don`t be afraid to build a team that can support the business even as it grows. The financial situation of your law firm reflects the overall health of your business. Be sure to get your books in order early. Where possible, I encourage aspiring and established lawyers to serve the next generation of legal leaders. The ideas of experienced lawyers form the basis of tomorrow`s lawyers. Here are 11 tips I wish someone had given me before starting my own law firm. If you are a lawyer with an entrepreneurial spirit, risk tolerance and goals around what you want to build, you can and should start your own law firm.


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