How to Correct Name in Flat Agreement

Once you have submitted the affidavit, the next step is to post an ad/notification in the local newspaper stating that you have changed your name. To do this, you must choose two newspapers, one in the official language of the state and the other, an English daily. There are three mandatory things I need to do to authorize the name change: When I contacted a lawyer, I was asked to register a correction certificate because the seller`s signature is missing next to the manual correction. However, there are also several other reasons why a person may change their first or last name. If this occurs after a property has been purchased and registered under its former name, the amendment must be registered with the Deeds Office in the form of an application for notice against the corresponding title to the property under section 93(1) of the Deeds Registers Act. 47 of 1937. This also requires prior announcements in the Official Journal. The law says nothing about the time frame within which an error or error in a document must be corrected. If a party involved in the transaction determines that there is incorrect information or typographical errors in the ownership document, they must bring it to the attention of the other party involved in the transaction and have the error corrected by drafting an act of rectification. We are now at the end, with only the procedure to change the name of the Gazette.

Once your notification is published in the Gazette, your name change is legally complete. One. carry a copy of the “Document Modification Form” available from the person responsible for publication, Publications Service; I, XYZ, a resident, changed my name to ABC and will now be known as ABC. I submitted an affidavit with that in mind, which was signed by the. Now your share of the work in the name change process in India is over. The government will print the change of your name in the Official Gazette. The amount charged for Gazette notifications varies – either Rs. 700 or Rs.

900 – depending on whether or not you want a public announcement. For Indians abroad who wish to change their name, a document indicating the change of name must be submitted and duly signed by the Indian High Commission or Embassy. If a person owns property and later undergoes a name change due to a change in marital status, there is no legal obligation to provide title to a property with the name change. Such change of name shall be deemed to have taken place ipso jure. Whenever the title deed is processed after this name change, the new name will be used/inserted. In other words, the parties may, if they wish, request that the deeds be amended to reflect the new name at the time of the marriage, but this is not required by law. To obtain an affidavit, contact the local notary and request an affidavit of name change on an amicably stamped paper. The value of stamp paper may vary from state to state. It is recommended to take rs buffer paper. 100 if you don`t know.

Certify it with the notary. The affidavit must include your old name, new name, father`s name, address and reason for changing your name (marriage, astrology, adding a last name, etc.) c.Reason for the name change (astrology, numerology, marriage, etc.) After successfully changing your name, you will need to update your official documents (para. B passport, PAN card, driving licence and food card) 1. In the property, your name can no longer be changed unilaterally. According to the builder`s lawyer, it is not necessary to register a certificate of rectification as a deed of residence, which will be registered on September 14 (at the time of the transfer of ownership|), has the correct name, which is the final document showing my property. Although your job is done to legalize your name change, it is important to save all documents and use them for the official change of your name in bank records, certificates and other documents that you deem necessary. Notice of name change is mandatory for government employees and optional for others. However, this is essential proof of your name change. Since it is simply a matter of sending a few documents for publication, it may be a good idea to remove it. 3) Deed of sale would mention your new name and also earlier known as Abhijeet Gupta The name was corrected before registering with pen in the sales contract.

My wife and I made signatures in addition to the correction. If one of the parties has detected an error in the deed of sale, the buyer and seller must report to the sub-registrar`s office where the deed was previously registered. You must submit a request for correction of the document to the official with all supporting documents. If significant changes to the original document are required, both parties must also take two witnesses each with them for the registration of the correction certificate. In addition, in several cases, it is noted that a person has only the affidavit and newspaper advertisements for a name change and has not informed the Gazette of the change. Although, as mentioned earlier, government employees have the mandatory clause for gazette notifications, banks can request a gazette notification before changing your name in the account. Name change documents can be crucial when applying for or renewing a passport or for other future transactions. .

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