Cabins Usa Rental Agreement

Some cabins are designated as pet-friendly cabins. Reservations will be charged a non-refundable fee of $50 per pet, if applicable. If you make your reservation online, please let us know your pet at check-in so that our staff can charge the appropriate fee for your reservation. Guests and their guests undertake to comply with local laws, rules and regulations, not to disturb the peace, to maintain the accommodation in a clean and hygienic condition and to comply with the rules of prohibition of smoking and pets. Guests are subject to immediate eviction from the rental for the following reasons: (1) smoking anywhere on the premises or on the decks, courtyards or terraces adjoining the premises; (2) Pets on the rental property, unless they are allowed against payment; (3) a violation of the provision on drugs or illegal activities; (4) Customers under the age of 21 who are not related to the guest; (5) complaints concerning noise, loud music, reprimands or any other disturbance of the peace; (6) the violation of a directive on fire protection; (7) the destruction and/or damage of the premises; (8) failure to leave the premises on the date and time of departure above; or (9) For any reason that the Owner or his agent deems appropriate to ensure the safety of the premises and surrounding areas. The total rental amount and deposit will be forfeited in case of violation of any of the above reasons, whether the customer is evicted or not. Travel insurance can be taken out before the last scheduled payment. Refunds or credits will not be granted due to weather conditions and / or force majeure that may hinder your trip, as these are not considered usual conditions for the operation of the agent. When an event like this occurs, Cabins for YOU will assess the situation and create an exclusive action plan to respond to affected bookings. If the agent moves the booking data, the intermediary may refund the amount for which it was rebooked, with the exception of booking fees, property protection (or extended property protection) or travel insurance, which are non-refundable.

The agent reserves the right to charge up to $150.00 to move cabins, change dates or cancel reservations. The client cannot cancel a booking (and receive a refund of the rental fee), choose a different accommodation or change the arrival date for properties with 4 bedrooms and more if the arrival date is within 6 months. The client cannot cancel a booking (and receive a refund of the money), choose a different accommodation or change the arrival date for properties with 3 bedrooms or less if the arrival date is within 3 months. There is no refund issued to the customer by the agent if the customer cancels the reservation in the arrival conditions of the reservation. By renting a unit through Cabins USA, on behalf of all users who access the amenities associated with your unit during your rental period, you acknowledge the following: Individuals whose credit cards are used to pay for the reservation assume responsibility for all residents who comply with the policies, rental procedures and restrictions. The manager must be at least 25 years old and must stay at the property for the duration booked. We maintain cabins based on the immediacy and severity of the issues, so it can take up to 48 hours for low-priority items (small appliances, garbage, etc.) or items that require work from an external supplier. High priority items (alarms, large equipment, etc.) are processed within 24 to 48 hours and immediate problems (cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) are resolved at the end of the day.

You can also request a confirmed service window of 1 hour for the next morning. We are sorry you had a bad experience. There are many good cottage rental companies in the area that will go out of their way to make your experience great. We use Chalet Village, Mountain Laurel Chalets and have had great experiences for over 20 years. Apart from normal wear and tear, the responsible party is liable for any damage to the property or its contents during the possession of the property under the holiday home contract. We will do everything we can to ensure that your cabin is ready for your stay. Our mission is to provide you with the cleanest cabin of the Smokies so you can become a guest for a lifetime. However, there are rare cases where your cabin isn`t fully presentable until 4 p.m..m., or when your hot tub isn`t hot until later in the evening. In addition, we offer the best luxury cabins in the Smokies with maximum amenities; These are not hotel rooms and therefore from time to time appliances, hot tubs, satellite TV, water, electricity, etc. break down or do not work. Although we cannot repay the funds due to these problems that arise, as they would in any property due to the life expectancy of all these devices, etc., we will respond as soon as possible to make repairs and restore amenities.

In rare cases, cabin investment properties are sold and management responsibility is transferred. In these and similar circumstances, bookings may be moved to a similar property. We are not responsible for weather conditions. Next time, you will stay at Golden Valley Rentals. We have always had great cabins with them. I`ve had two bad experiences with cabin rental and it scares me to do it again. You are not alone. Mountainside Cabins is not responsible for items left in rental properties. It is important to check carefully to avoid leaving your belongings behind. If you have failed to remove and package a property, we will try to locate the item and schedule shipping to the address you provided.

There is no guarantee that the remaining items will be found. If an item is found, the renter is responsible for the shipping costs + $25 handling fee. which is charged to the credit card. “All advance rent payments, damage charges, taxes and the balance of rent due will be paid into a bank rental account. These deposits are considered earned income at Cabins For You upon receipt and can be used immediately. All refunds will be paid out of the general Cabins For You fund and will be made on a case-by-case basis. ALL our cabins are NON-SMOKING. .

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